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October News

Important Dates:

9/30: MCPS Early Release Day/ Global Open

10/05: MCPS No School Day/ Global Open

10/24: MCPS No School Day/ Global Open

10/28: Global Octoberfest

Leaves are falling and Autumn is calling!

Help us celebrate the change of the seasons with an afternoon filled with games, crafts, & more!

Be on the lookout at your site's parent table for the refreshment sign-up!

Let's be mindful. Movement, sensations, thoughts, feelings, and awareness. We can create mindfulness. Here are a few ways to do so. Consider moving stretching and noticing sensations within the body. Count your breaths, stop and be aware of your surroundings.

Not Quite Narwhal

By. Jessie Sima

Below you will find a few reminders from the tuition department :

Payment Schedule: Payments will be processed using the backup payment method on file according to the withdrawal schedule provided below. Please note some payment periods are based on 5 weeks, not 4.

Drop-In Care:

Please note if your child is not registered for 5 days Before AND Aftercare you will be subjected to th

e below drop-in rates including MCPS early release days, no school days, snow days, drop-in sessions your child attends that are not included in their schedule, etc. For more information please review the family handbook.

Schedule Changes

In order to change the schedule at Global, it is imperative that the parent fill out a change of schedule form found on our website and notify the tuition department and your Global Director in writing with at least two weeks' written notice prior to the change.

Click on the button below to fill out the schedule change form and the tuition department will contact you to confirm.

Procedure to Withdraw

If a parent would need to withdraw their child from the program, we require a two-week written notice. Once we receive this notification, the tuition deposit paid for during the time of registration will be applied to the last two weeks. If no notice is given, parents will still be responsible for payment of tuition charges until notice is given. The tuition deposit will cover the last two weeks of care and is non-refundable.

(*A withdrawn email MUST be sent or you must fill out the Withdraw request form below. We do not accept word-of-mouth notices. If an email is not sent, the tuition deposit will be forfeited.) Click on the button below to fill out the Withdraw Request Form, 2 weeks in advance.

​Beall ES Director: Breani Bridges

Phone: 301-300-3260

Email: Brookhaven ES Director: J. Pilla Phone: 301-646-7982 Email: East Silver Spring ES Director: Rayshon Davis Phone: 917-474-0584 Email: Gaithersburg ES/Harriet Tubman ES Director: Linda Annan Phone: 240-418-1408 Email: Gibbs ES Director: Unique Shemondy & Semira Gonfa Phone: 240-659-9987 Email: Tuition Department Phone: 301-972-5982 Email: Email: Area Directors

Christina B Phone: 301-972-5982 Email: Kevin B

Phone: 301-972-5982


​Highland ES

Director: Angela Caseres

Phone: 240-595-9673

Lake Seneca ES

Director: Aaliyah Green

Phone: 240-478-1588

Poolesville ES

Director: William McFadden

Phone: 240-752-3764


Rosemont ES

Director: Tracy Meres

Phone: 240-855-9058


Stonegate ES

Director: Mario Granados

Phone: 301-661-5527


Summit Hall ES

Director: Emily Vides

Phone: 301-500-6870


Viers Mill ES

Director: Ingrid Alvarenga

Phone: 832-907-6895


Snowden Farm/Wilson Wims ES

Director: Jeimy Lainez & Ryan Roberts

Phone: 301-956-0250 & 571-409-0983



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