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Our registration is done through procare, please follow the link below and then register for the school your child attends.


Mandatory Forms


Before your child can attend, there are some forms that must be submitted.

Your child can not attend until at least the starred forms are submitted

The following forms must be printed and submitted to the director at your child's school or submitted online by uploading them below. 

Health Inventory Form

A physical examination by a physician, immunization record, and, depending on your zip code, a lead test

Emergency Form

Three people to be contacted in case of an emergency

Moonbounce Waiver

Required for your child to potentially go on moonbounces

Medication Authorization Form - Optional

Only needed if your child has medication(s) they have to take

Tuition Payment Form

This is the payment method that we automatically charge the last week of each month

Please review the following for more information:

Parent Handbook

A detailed guide for Global parents

Registration Forms Upload

Please submit your forms below, please only submit one submission per child:

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