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Financial Aid at Global

     Global Children’s Center is more than happy to provide financial support for families going through hardships. Naureen is a full-time employee at Global Children’s Center whose role is to provide voucher assistance and scholarship information to families in need. Naureen is there to help guide you through the process of applying for financial assistance from the State or County so that your child can attend our program at a discounted rate (or even for free!). She will provide you with all the necessary links and information and will be there to answer any questions regarding program registration, tuition questions, and scholarship inquiries to ensure you have all the information prior to the start of our program. 

She can be best reached at  

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What Are Vouchers?

       Vouchers are scholarships given by the State or County to help families with childcare costs. The scholarship/voucher is a signed agreement between the State, Global Children’s Center, and the parent/guardian. You will need to provide proof of work/employment, income, identity, and address. Once signed by the parent/guardian, the scholarship is returned to CCS Central for processing (please be advised that the process usually takes about a month, sometimes longer). From there, CCS Central will provide Global Children’s Center with the amount the scholarship will cover. Keep in mind that your scholarship rate may not cover the entirety of the cost of care. The family is responsible for paying the co-payment directly to Global Children’s Center. 

How to Determine Eligibility



Step 1: Sign up for Global Children’s Center at

Step 2: Determine which of the two options you are: 

Maryland State Childcare Scholarship

Please fill out these forms: 

* If you opt for this scholarship, you will receive an email or a packet in the mail for our voucher specialist to fill out and send to CCS. Your voucher will not be processed until we receive the forms.*


Working Parents Assistance Scholarship

Step 3: Email when you receive confirmation. 

Please fill out these forms: 

* If your family does not fall into a category or there is a situation that prevents you from applying to these programs please reach out to us at so we can help you find alternative solutions.

What Else Should You Know? 

  • With each voucher you receive, there should be a Co-Payment Agreement form. This form must be completed and attached to your scholarship application (the Voucher Number can be found on the upper right hand corner). Without this form, the scholarship will not be processed by CCS Central.

  • There is an expiration date for the voucher to be processed (three months after the authorization date). The voucher must be received by the provider (Global Children’s Center) prior to the expiration date or the voucher will not be processed. 

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