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January News

Important Dates:

1/2: Global Closed

1/16: Global Closed for MLK Day

1/27: Open, No School Day

These locations will be utilized for the 2022-2023 academic year for all future full days and snow days.

The next scheduled Global full day is January 27th, 2023

Full Day Care: Days when MCPS is closed and Global Children’s Center is open. Please check the calendar on our website for a full list of all applicable days.

Combining Locations

The following programs will combine:

  • Lake Seneca ES & William B Gibbs (at William B Gibbs 12615 Royal Crown Dr, Germantown, MD 20876)

  • Gaithersburg ES, Summit Hall ES, & Rosemont ES (at Rosemont ES 16400 Alden Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20877)

  • Viers Mill ES & Highland ES (at Highland ES 3100 Medway St, Wheaton-Glenmont, MD 20902)

Locations not combining

The following programs will be open at their usual school locations:

  • Beall ES

  • Brookhaven ES

  • East Silver Spring ES

  • Poolesville ES

  • Stonegate

  • Wilson Wims

Try using "KISS" around the house.

Keep It Simple Silly

Don't over think it.

Let's make it simplistic and remove all unnecessary things and items.

Create small habits for a change instead of big ones.

The Day The Crayons Quit

By: Drew Daywalt

Knock, Knock. Who's there? Tiss. Tiss Who?

A Tiss-who is for blowing your nose.

At Global, we aim to work collaboratively with our families, schools, and communities, to provide a positive and welcoming environment for all families. We ask you to take a minute to read over and complete an ANONYMOUS parent survey. Feel free to add any other information that you feel we need to know to maintain the quality of care you are receiving, or improve it. All suggestions or comments are appreciated.

Payment Schedule: Payments will be processed using the backup payment method on file according to the withdrawal schedule provided below. Please note some payment periods are based on 5 weeks, not 4.

Drop In Care:

Please note if your child is not registered for 5 days Before AND After care you will be subjected to the below drop in rates including MCPS early release days, no school days , snow days, drop in sessions your child attends that is not included in their schedule etc. For more information please review the family handbook.

​Beall ES Director: Camil O Phone: 301-693-0383 Email: Brookhaven ES Director: J. Pilla Phone: 301-646-7982 Email: East Silver Spring ES Director: Rayshon Davis Phone: 917-474-0584 Email: Gaithersburg ES/Harriet Tubman ES Director: Linda Annan Phone: 240-418-1408 Email: Gibbs ES Director: Unique Shemondy Phone: 240-789-7072 Email: Tuition Department Phone: 301-972-5982 Email: Email: Email:

Christina B, Area Director Phone: 301-972-5982 Email: Kevin B, Area Director

Phone: 301-972-5982


Highland ES

Director: Angela Caseres

Phone: 240-595-9673


Lake Seneca ES

Director: Aaliyah Green

Phone: 240-478-1588


Poolesville ES

Director: Mr.Lamar

Phone: 240-910-1588


Rosemont ES

Director: Breani B

Phone: 301-300-3260


Stonegate ES

Director: Mario Granados

Phone: 301-661-5527


Summit Hall ES

Director: Emily V



Viers Mill ES

Director: Ingrid Alvarenga

Phone: 832-907-6895


Snowden Farm/Wilson Wims ES

Director: Ms.Tiffany




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