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Weekly Tuition Rates

When you first register there is an $85 registration fee. Then there is a tuition deposit which is the price of two weeks of tuition. This deposit will then pay for the last two weeks of care.

We automatically charge tuition on the last Monday of each month.


We are happy to offer the following discount to Global families

  • 5% sibling discount for the older sibling(s)

  • 10% MCPS employee discount with proof of MCPS employment

  • 10% active duty military discount with proof


If you are in need of further assistance please apply for state or county childcare vouchers.

Drop-in Policy

If you have any of the below schedules then all drop ins during school closures are free.

  • 5 days before care (Monday through Friday)

  • 5 days after care (Monday through Friday)

  • 5 days before and after care (Monday through Friday)

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