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        Welcome to Camp Global, the Summer Camp Program sponsored by Global Children’s Center! Summer day camp is an amazing opportunity for your child to have fun in a safe and supervised environment. Here at Camp Global, we embrace our motto of allowing children to “Learn through Play”. In accordance with the fundamental five theories of intelligence, we provide an educational yet fun space for our children to grow. In picking Camp Global for your child, you are not only putting them into an enriching, fun environment, but one that will help them gain valuable skills of character development, cooperation, curiosity, and hands-on learning. Camp Global fosters the perfect intersection between educational enrichment and summer fun. Prepare for your child to explore new arts and crafts, make lifelong friendships, play new games, explore new sports, swim at outdoor pools, and so much more!

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Prior to paying any registration dues, all past dues must be paid in full. Camp Global’s registration fee is a non-refundable $100 and a $355 deposit per child. Payments can be made via check (mailed in) or via credit/debit card.




To register, click on your desired camp location to register below.


To register click below, all charges will be reflected in your current Procare account.

Summer school extended care only

To register for only summer school extended care, click below. 


After completing your online registration The following forms must be submitted on your child's first day of camp. You may bring them in or submit them online in the forms upload section.


Tuition for Camp Global is $355 per week which is to be paid in full by the Thursday prior to the start of every week of Camp Global. For example, the first tuition payment must be made on June 16th, the Thursday prior to the first day of camp, June 20th. This process is to be repeated until the end of Camp Global’s Summer session.


All camp balances can be set up for automatic withdrawal from your bank’s checking, saving, and debit/credit card account. When you register online, you will have a choice to set up an automatic debit/credit card account. When you register online, you will have a choice to set up for automatic withdrawal. For any automatic withdrawals that are returned, a $25 returned fee per child will be assessed.

payment schedule 

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forms upload 

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Thanks for submitting!

Ultimate Adventure

Week 1: 06/20-06/24

Field Trip: Greenbrier State Park

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     Camp Global kicks off its annual summer camp curriculum with the best week for trying new things, taking risks, and getting active! Featuring sugarloaf mountain, inflatable moon-bounces, and obstacle course endeavors, prepare for your child to use their energy like never before. Ultimate Adventure week includes hole hoops, flags, field days, and so much more! Ultimate Adventure doesn’t just exert physical energy, but it pushes our campers to use ultimate brainpower to solve problems, combat challenges, and collaborate with others.

Sample Daily Schedule

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 Camp Global highlights

      Tuesdays at Camp Global: Every Tuesday at Camp Global is a pool day at Rockville Swim Center! Prepare for a day of splashes and unlimited fun. As with any other Camp Global event, pool days are dependent on weather and county conditions! 


      Fridays at Camp Global: Camp Global participates in its annual Funky Friday traditions, where Camp Global children get to dress up according to the theme and show all that they've learned that week! Join in for free pizza parties and a showcase of all the best outfits there is. 


Funky Friday Themes

06/24—> Camo Out!

In honor of our most physically challenging week, Camp Global would love to see you get your camo on! The more camo the better!


07/01 —> Mad Scientist!

Come in your craziest mad scientist outfit! White robes, electric hair, and crazy goggles are encouraged!


07/08 —> Red, White, and Blue!

Show up to Camp Global in your best red, white, and blue outfit! Don’t be afraid to stand out with glitter, stickers, and whatever accessories you’ve been saving for the occasion!


07/15—>Cultural Dress Up Day! 

Show off where you come from with your favorite cultural outfit! Be prepared to explain what your outfit is traditionally called and when it’s typically worn!


07/22—> Alien Dress-Up!

If aliens existed, what would they look like? Would they have three eyes? Antennas? Would they be green? Show Camp Global’s staff what you think aliens look like by dressing up as your own unique alien version! Don’t be afraid to go all out!

07/29 —> Show and Tell

In honor of shark tooth hunting and seashell finding, Camp Global encourages every camper to show off their favorite acquired specimen to their peers! Bring along your favorite piece and be prepared to explain why it’s your favorite in a traditional show and tell!

08/05—> Sports Day!

Dress up in the gear of your favorite sport! Camp Global is ready to see you rock your jerseys, chin guards, or even hockey gear!

08/12—> Charades Live!

At Camp Global, charades come to life on Friday, August 12th! Dress up as an object, person, or concept of your choosing, and watch as your fellow campers take turns guessing what you might be!

08/19—> Global Carnival!

It's the last day of camp, today we're going to a fun-filled end-of-the-summer carnival! Make sure you dress for a day in the sun! 


Beall Elementary School

451 Beall Ave, Rockville, MD 20850

William B Gibbs Elementary School

12615 Royal Crown Dr 

Germantown, MD 20876


Main Camp Office

12417 Deoudes Road, Boyds, MD 20841


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Cancellation and Change requirements

      Global Children’s Center strives to make accommodations and cater to each of our families, however, please choose your weeks for summer camp with care, as we plan and allocate our resources based on enrollment. Any and all requests for changes or cancellations must be made before May 31st, 2022. Adjustments, changes, or cancellations of any 1 or more weeks of camp, while remaining enrolled in any other alternate week(s) at Camp Global will result in a change fee of $25.00 per family for each request to change your family’s registration. Any requests for change or cancellations after May 31st, 2022 will result in no refunds, credits, or adjustments to your family’s account. Please see the two examples below for more clarification regarding our cancellation and change requirements:

Example of Camp Global Changes


Anna has two children registered for Camp Global 2022, Chris and Sally. Anna has registered them both for 8 weeks, Weeks 1-8. On May 20th, she realized that they had planned summer vacation during Camp Global Week 6 and would like to switch her weeks. She would like to switch Week 6 to Week 9. For this schedule change, Ann would be charged a fee of $25.00. For any other charges, Ann would be charged $25.00 per change of alternating weeks.


Example of Camp Global Cancellation


Anna has registered her two children, Chris and Sally for 5 weeks of Summer Camp at Camp Global. On May 27th, she decided she would rather go spend her summer with her family in California. Since she has made payment of registration and deposits and is completely canceling her summer camp, she will not be refunded her registration fee and her deposits will be forfeited.



      Any discounts already applied to your Global Children’s Center account will transfer to Camp Global. If you believe that you are eligible for a certain discount please contact us as we are more than happy to make accommodations as is applicable.


      Camp Global’s Sibling discount: Families with more than one camper attending Camp Global for five or more weeks will receive a 5% sibling discount off the second, third, fourth sibling, etc. The sibling discount will be applied to the lower prices tuition.

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Camp Global does not charge any additional amount for extended care rates. This includes both before and aftercare. If interested in leaving your child in before or aftercare, you will only be charged with the $355 flat rate for one week of Camp Global with no additional charges for before or after-care days. It does not matter how many times per week you decide to leave your child in before or aftercare, the charge will be the same every week.

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