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Founder's Story

Monika Agarwal 


Global's founding branches from the origin story of Monika Agarwal. Her motto of maintaining a nurturing family environment is what she believes is the most important to Global Children's Center. Proud to have kickstarted Global then handed it down to her own family, Monika remains close to the community and warm family that Global has become over the years. What started as a dream in a catholic Indian school is now an unreal reality in the confines of Montgomery County and the walls of its classrooms. 

"Having a nurturing family environment is the most important to me" - Monika Agarwal

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Born in 1968, in Lucknow, India, Monika was the oldest of five kids, three younger sisters, and one brother. Growing up in Lucknow, she was sent to a Catholic school, where she was inspired to become a teacher as a result of the heavy influence her own instructors had on her. 


In September of 1979, Monika's parents immigrated to the United States. Not able to speak a word of English and not having a dime to their name, her parents remained determined to begin their new life in an entirely new country. For Monika, this meant starting fresh at a new school. Throughout her entire high school experience, Monika faced the same challenge of being unable to

Monika opened her first day-care at her house, marking the birth of Global, a project that would soon grow to become her passion. After five years of bidding, Monika was able to secure her first school. Today, Global can be found at 13 different elementary schools within Montgomery College and still remains family-owned. What began as a small dream flourished into the intricate daycare company that stands today. 


speak English. Barely graduating with a 2.0 and married at 22, it seemed like her dream of becoming a teacher had been swept away by her responsibilities as a wife and a mother of two children. This all changed when she decided to go back to school at Montgomery College, where she grew more confident in both herself and her English speaking skills. This vote of confidence then drew her to gain a masters from Johns Hopkins University. 

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